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The best bike under $1k? Decathlon Triban 105 RC 520 Review - feat. Shimano 105 + TRP HY/RD

“Affordability” and “Cycling” are two words rarely used in the same sentence. A short walk through the ‘entry-level’ bike section of any local bike shop or bike manufacturer’s website can give you sticker shock. If your budget for a new bike is limited to under $1000 dollars, you’re typically limited to single speed or townie bikes with lower tier components or older drivetrains. This is one reason we’re particularly excited to be reviewing the Decathlon Triban Disc 105 RC 520 today. Although the model name is a mouthful, the RC 520 has one of the highest specs for Decathlon’s Triban bike line.

Equipped with 11-speed Shimano 105 drivetrain, TRP HY/RD disc brakes and a retail price of $899 the RC 520 is easily one of the best values for a new bike on the market today. Unlike the typical 8 or 9 speed drivetrains available at this price range, the Shimano 105 R7000 series components offer crisp and responsive shifting.

What really makes the RC 520 stand out from the crowd is the professional level drivetrain. Rather than the typical 8 or 9 speed entry-level components, the RC 520 comes with the latest 11-speed Shimano 105 R7000 series. With each release, Shimano trickles down the advancements from the Dura-ace and Ultegra series down to the 105. As a result the latest R7000 Shimano 105 is crisp and responsive which is a big step up from the previous generation. If you're new to cycling you think an extra gear or two isn’t worth the cost, but as you ride more miles you’ll come to appreciate the wider gear range and reliability the 105 and higher-tier components offer. Also, the fact that it is a modern 11-speed drivetrain means future upgrades or replacements will be readily available.....

... Read the full review @ https://thesweetcyclists.com/decathlon-triban-disc-105-rc-520/
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00:15 Unboxing + Specs
01:50 Fit + Finish
09:11 Ride Quality
12:12 The Final Score
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Triban RC520 - a HIGH spec for a LOW price

If you can avoid the lure of sexy brand names, you can benefit from the French giant's long experience of designing bikes. With Shimano 105 and hydraulic disc brakes for under £800, this thoroughbred is a great ride at an affordable price.




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