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'HERstory Of The World' Lip Sync | S2 E3 | RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

Flashback to Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars when the Queens lipsync 'HERstory of The World' in a dance number inspired by bad ass female historical icons.

Season 2 Episode 3 HERstory Of The World

Performers: Alaska, Detox, Katya, Roxxxy Andrews, Alyssa Edwards, Phi Phi O'Hara, Ginger Minj

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Chance Black : Y’all, have you watched this as many times as I have?
Cole Marker : I looked the lyrics up and there is supposed to be more characters
Olive Lama : I didn’t like how they told Katya to have a longer train when she was supposed to be dancing for the whole challenge...
Dojaanta : michelle's lines as god was better than katya's entire verse
s y : Why this season isn't on Netflix in Japan... I wanna get this song on Applemusic as well
E Owo : Ok roxxxy slayed this though (also who watches this daily still)
Kevin Wildemann : Never knew how these numbers worked.... they all have a fitting costume for their roles. So the elimination order must already been decided?! I'm confused. They cant expect everyone to bring a costume for every role?!
Naomi M : I didn’t watch all stars 2 since it’s not available in my country but some people are saying Ginger was in the bottom for this? How?? She was great and the judges were laughing all throughout! Honestly the only “bad” part was katyas and it’s mostly not her fault.
Daisy : Can Somebody tell me who Alyssa played?
Alice Fotheringham : Look at the text messages

Baddest Bitches In Herstory Lyrics

From RuPaul Drag Race All Stars Season 2 Episode 3
The song is an extended version from the one in the episode
Any other songs just comment
NeveLP : That's my ranking:

10. Phi Phi o Hara
9. Ginger Minj
8. Katya
7. Detox
6. Adore
5. Alyssa
4. Roxxxy
3. Alaska
2. Tatianna
1. Coco ❤️
VALERIA VALENCIA ALVARADO : this could be the first challenge, it could be fabulous
Da Slo : God tatianna had the best part
Fat Dumpling : So we can all collectively agree that joan of arc's verse was the best and we were robbed of Tati performing this, yes?
joshua phillips : The fact that eve had a line in the end means Alaska was basically garantted to be in the episode what would they have done otherwise
Richard Allen : This should have been the first challenge :(
MC Wyman : Verses ranked;
10. Helen of Troy
9. Marie Antoinette
8. Princess Diana
7. Frida Kahlo
6. Catherine the Great
5. Cleopatra
4. Eve
3. Eva Peron
2. Annie Oakley
1. Joan of Arc
Evangelene Morneau : the SHADE cocos picture with the crown ‍♀️
Lynne : Huge respect for the voice actresses /singers x
unhhh I'm not famous : I love that on Alaska verse the pic ir Alaska had a Snake crown

HER STORY S1, Episode 1

Her Story is a 6-episode new-media series that looks inside the dating lives of trans \u0026 queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire \u0026 identity.

In this episode, Violet, a waitress in Los Angeles, is approached by a reporter named Allie for a story about transgender women. Paige, an attorney for Lambda Legal, works on a case representing a trans woman who was denied entry into a women's shelter.

Watch episode 2: http://bit.ly/20DafJ4

Featured Music:
“Orange Juice” by Spectacular Spectacular
Music \u0026 lyrics by Spectacular Spectacular
Performed by Spectacular Spectacular

“Too Good To” by Rie Daisies
Music \u0026 lyrics by Rie Daisies
Performed by Rie Daisies

Directed by Sydney Freeland
Director of Photography Bèrènice Eveno
Edited by Bryan Darling
Original Composition by Allyson Newman
Written by Jen Richards (bit.ly/1nJPHAy) \u0026 Laura Zak (http://bit.ly/1SpsWPi)
Produced by Katherine Fisher/Speed of Joy Productions (http://bit.ly/1KTgWNN)
Executive Produced by Eve Ensler (http://bit.ly/1hPi3on)
Co-Executive Producers Jen Richards \u0026 Laura Zak

For enquiries please email kate@speedofjoy.com

Watch all of Her Story:
Episode 2: http://bit.ly/20DafJ4
Episode 3: http://bit.ly/20ludeB
Episode 4: http://bit.ly/1QDMOKS
Episode 5: http://bit.ly/1KThYtf
Episode 6: http://bit.ly/1nJRNR2

© 2016 Speed of Joy Productions, LLC, Jen Richards, and Laura Zak. All Rights Reserved.
Norbert G. : Is it really her story?

Mabe it´s my story. That will forever be a mystery.
Sally anne Kloar : I am not think bout the black trasgender women that as trasgender from man to women said to the white trasgender women that as trasgender from man to women why u say u are not hay and what trasgender women that as trasgender from man to women says am not then said I date men well of couse u gay if u date men just couse u two trasgender women that have transgender from man to women have trasgendered u are not women and a she u are still a he and him and yes u are gay couse u dateing men when your a man yourself born a man
Sally anne Kloar : Thier two trasgender women that have transgender from man to women the black and white people sitting together
Beta Mantovani : eu ameeeeeeeei
Ahmed Walid : We need Arabic subtitles!!!!!????
Brandi Hillier : Everything is so awful right now so I’m watching this once again. Thank you once again for making this Jen, Laura and Angelica. <3
Zachary Clarence : LOVE IT <3
Angelica Dempster : this was made too early
gypsy lab : why do all trans women wear clothes as if they are objectifying and caricaturing women
Fourth Wall Entertainment : Great series - thank you for making this!




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