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Unboxing HP Color LaserJet Printer CP1215, Printing & Review

HP Color LaserJet CP1215 Printer, Review and Testing print speed and quality....
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KEMILIUS ON TV : How a quality photo print?
Awesome Luigi Pro 123 03 : Thank you god bless you for the help!
David Castellano : Es buena para imprimir fotos o es muy básica en ese sentido?
Harry Patel Toronto : i have total black print on the page,how to resolve
NOEVRIOS 68 : for supplies status page i ask
NOEVRIOS 68 : do you press the green button 6 times? Or continuously for 6 seconds?
Cornelis Springer : I can't download from website. Could you send me the CP1215 driver? If yes, I will send to you my e'mail.

How to replace the pick roller on hp color laserjet cp1215 printer

How to replace the pick roller on hp color laserjet cp1215 printer

hp color laserjet cp1215 pickup roller replacement

hp cp1215 tray 1 pickup roller replacement

hp cp1215 pickup roller replacement

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how to fix

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Maurecio concepcion Lerma galarza : Audio p q tipo de tutorial paramudos
Marcos Nieva : Muchas gracias! Ya está en funcionamiento otra vez! Saludos
김지환 : Wow thanks so much!
kosmita : HP Color LaserJet CP1210 Series Printer
a. With the product power off, press the Resume button.
b. Continue to depress the Resume button, and then turn the product power on.
c. Release the Resume button after 30 - 40 seconds. The control-panel LEDs will cycle on and
off, indicating that the roller has moved to the required position.
everymanforthemself : Thanks you for this video. Quite helpful. Peace and blessings to you for your work.
egyrmexiq : Cool man.. thanks..!
HOSUN BAKRY : samsung 6545nx system recavry
HOSUN BAKRY : عندي مشكله في سامسونج 6545 سيستم ريكفرى

hp color laserjet cp1215 paper pickup issues

hp color laserjet cp1215 paper pickup issues.
how to solve the paper pickup problem.
printer pickup roller fix.
hp cp1215 cleaning.

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Diego H : Thank you. I have used alcohol Isopropilico. And it worked too
Ing. Rogelio Pureco : uso puro algodon seco o le puso alcohol isopropilico?
KH Fritsch : I followed just all steps shown in the video and achieved success instantly - Thank you very much. The tape was used probably to imitate the paperbox in place - needed to enable mechanical turn further on. To clean the roll with its dry and slippery surface - I used a rag with purified alcolhol
ABDULLAH AZIZI : why did you put the black tape?
Stenor : Very confusing would be better if you explained what you were doing,
Nicolas Cirigliano : Any tips on when the pickup doesn't move at all? the printer crearly tries to move something... but then you hear a soft "thud" like something snaping out of socket and the pickup doesn't move and the tray doesn't lift the paper...
Juan Mateu Petit : Thank you for the video. What kind of liquid did you use to clean the pick up roller?
art Florida dude : Do you advise to remover toner cartridges before tilting on side? thank you for the video
Our Life Style channel : Awesome technical solution




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